Pay Per Head Bookies Are Thriving – Thanks to Digital Bookmaking

Digital technology has changed the world as we know it. More information can now be moved about faster and more accurately than ever before. Gone are the days of fuzzy phone conversations and lost connections. Today’s digital phones are crystal clear and so are the recordings of conversations. This comes in particularly handy when that call comes in from one of your players claiming, “I did not make that is not the team that I picked”. These days all a bookie need do is to contact his price per head service and the recording of the wager can be played back upon demand. The recordings are very clear and a simple playback of the conversation will erase any doubt of what was actually said when the wager was placed.

Digital technology again comes into play in the Agents Reporting system. The modern bookmaker is now able to access all of his player’s action at any time of the day or night. The information is updated constantly so that what you see on your screen is what is happening in real time. Real time reporting could not happen without digital technology. If you happen to have a Smartphone or an iPad, you can get this same real time reporting no matter where you are. One popular bookie that we know has lowered his golfing handicap by 3 points since he started with a good price per head service down in Costa Rica.

For your players, digital technology enables them to place their wagers 24/7/365 via the internet or over the phone. Your price or pay per head company will provide them with a customized web page especially designed to appeal to your local players by featuring well know sports heroes on the home page. They can also check out their current balance, available balance, open bets and amounts at risk by simply logging on to their account using their private log on and password. That information is also updated constantly and also allows a player to go back and check his history should he so desire.

A good per head service company will also offer you and your clients a full on luck entertainment center that features over 90 exciting games. The luck entertainment center itself is a digital wonderland and will keep your guys playing all year long.

Contact a reputable pay per head service and let them move your business into the 21st century today!