Qnet Fraud, The Real Story

The way we live has changed considerably over the last decade. Money truly is the name of the game and in order to double their income and insure they live a comfortable lifestyle many people are now beginning to invest in a number of highly rewarding schemes. One such method to do so is to invest in NLM companies such as Qnet. However the popularity of Qnet has led to a number ‘Qnet Fraud’ articles surfacing on the web.

‘Qnet Frauds’ titled articles is merely an attempt from disgruntled investors and competing MLM companies to destroy the reputation of Qnet and ensure the investment in the company falls. Qnet is a multinational direct selling network marketing megacorp that has its headquarters in Hong Kong and several other branches spread over 222 countries. Qnet remains the administrative arm over all these branches.

The arrival of Qnet Fraud articles on the net can be attributed to an aggressive marketing strategy on the part of other MLM companies. By spreading false information about Qnet they attempt to scare possible customers away from investing in Qnet and lure them towards their companies instead. If customers who had a vested interest in investing in Qnet were to stumble upon articles titled ‘Qnet Fraud’ they would automatically have second thoughts aboutgoing forward with their investment. It this doubt in the customers mind that these rival companies have attempted to create.

Investing in MLM companies alone does not guarantee a profit margin for investors. This is something not all customers have come to tems with. Instead of accepting their own mistakes they choose to put blame on the company by penning articles with ‘Qnet Fraud’ as a title. In doing so they try to coax possible customers out of investing along with simultaneously bring the company down. However there are genuine cases of customers who have been victim of frauds. However these weren’t Qnet companies’ just bogus companies that were riding the success wave achieved by Qnet. These bogus companies portraying themselves under the banner of Qnet duped a number of customers.

Everything you read on the net must be read with the slightest bit of cynicism. There will always be some competing company or an angry customer seeking revenge as in the case of ‘Qnet Frauds’. When reading such articles you should be vigilant enough to spot the difference between marketing and genuine concern for the customers money. So the next time you read a ‘Qnet Fraud’ article make sure you see the entire picture and get all your facts verified before you take a drastic step in the wrong direction.