We Did Not Get Much Done at Work Today

I was at work early this morning and as soon as I got there I realized that there was something very wrong, the parking lot was wet and it had not rained for four days. It took no time to figure out that there was water running over the edge of the loading dock. First I needed to cut the water off and then I had to figure out where the burst pipe was. It was a mess and I figured out how to find an emergency plumber in Bergen County NJ. I do not think it would have been necessary if Trey had not been on vacation. I sort of suspect that the guys who were doing maintenance in his absence may have had something to do with the pipes, but they certainly did not volunteer to tell me if they had done anything. Of course I had to focus on getting the water out of the shop. Luckily there was not much of it in the offices, although we are likely going to have to rip up one piece of carpet and replace it.

At any rate it was well after lunch before be got things dried out enough to think about starting up the line. Obviously we wanted to be really careful about the machinery, that stuff really can not be replaced easily and if it is gone, then none of us have jobs. We opened the machines up and inspected them really well. I was wondering how much humidity there was and if you are careful that has to worry you and awful lot. In the Second World War they put air conditioning in submarines because humidity has such bad effects on the machines in them. I knew that and I knew you did not want to have too much of it in your stuff.